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Inside a Box of 2012 Panini Golden Age Baseball

Earlier this year when Panini sent out the sheet advertising its 2012 Panini Golden Age Baseball product my first reaction was to pass. It seemed as if another company was trying to…


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Lou Brock & Bo Hart - Sharing a Card, If Not a Similar Career

Everybody who collects baseball cards seems to have an opinion regarding “relic” cards. The cards with pieces of game-worn or used equipment embedded into them were hugely popular when they first appeared. However, over the last few seasons, some collectors have been treating the cards almost as a nuisance rather than a “hit” in a pack or box of cards. Just for the record: MLB Memories will be glad to take any relic cards people want to send us!

We have long…


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Quoting the Hall of Fame Rookie Class of 1983: Ryne Sandberg

Recently, here at MLB Memories we took an afternoon to rip through a box of 1983 Donruss Baseball wax packs. It was a blast reliving that time almost 30 years ago when we first did that! And to top it off, all three of the Hall of Fame rookies in that set…Wade Boggs,…


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Not Over 'Em Yet: 1969 Topps Decals

In the spring and early summer of 1969 I was a pre-teen with confidence and joy because I was a fan of the Detroit Tigers! They were reigning World Champions, and all the guys I hung with were positive the new division play would make another Series victory even easier for the Bengals. Of course, we were wrong, but we were just kids!

As with so many others our age, the following of baseball was close to an obsession, and one way that practice manifested itself was in the collecting…


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During the 2011 baseball season, the Topps Company dipped into the "retro" well once again with a product they branded "Gypsy Queen." These cards were fashioned after the 1887 classic tobacco cards, and they were an instant success! Many dealers sold out of the product in short order. Even a "hiccup" in the guaranteed inserts from Topps did not slow the enthusiasm for Gypsy much.

Of course, anything that goes that well is going to be repeated, and this past week the anticipated 2012…


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In Praise of Manufactured Patch Cards

Over the last few years it has become standard practice for the Topps Company to release the first wave of their flagship baseball card product in a variety of manners. It seems likely they will never leave the basic “wax” pack (even if the size of those packs vary from retail to hobby and regular to jumbo). Additionally, the cards are released in rack packs, small boxes of around 50 cards, specialty packs, and the “blaster box. ”

Blaster boxes have become a staple in these recent…


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2012 Topps Opening Day Review and Box Break

For several years now the Topps Opening Day set has been mostly considered an entry-level baseball card set ideal for collectors on a budget. And that has been an accurate description for the most part as they are not the most valuable or highly sought after cards. What they HAVE done is present to collectors an inexpensive way to build a set or chase the many insert sets. However, the 2012 Topps Opening Day baseball card set just might begin changing a few perceptions.

As with most… Continue

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Red Man Tobacco cards: a collection worth obtaining

As we have stated more than a few times…one of the great things about being a baseball card dealer is getting to see (and sometimes purchase) some great old baseball memorabilia. MLB Memories was really excited recently when the chance to obtain some beautiful Red Man Tobacco baseball cards came our way!…


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2011 Playoff Contenders Baseball – the Autographs in One Box

Even though the year in the title of the product is 2011, it seems fitting that the release of this highly anticipated offering coincided with the beginning of Spring Training 2012! After all, Panini stayed with a strong prospect focus in their second Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) licensed baseball card release, and it is in Spring Training where those prospects get to show off and set their course for the coming season.…


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2012 Just Minors Mystery Gamers Case Break

One of our favorite companies/suppliers around MLB Memories is the group at Just Minors. Their name can be a bit misleading (even though it harkens back to how they started as producers of some great minor league baseball card sets) because they deal with much more than just minors.

Back in 2008 the company entered into a unique license agreement with the Major League Baseball Players Association (also known as the Players Union). The license agreement covered all their packaged… Continue

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A quick box break of 2012 Topps Series 1 "Cereal" box from Target

Being laid up with the flu and feeling disgusting has not left me much time for enjoying the new season of Topps flagship product. In fact, our shop sold out of Jumbo boxes before I ever got to rip through one! Ah well, such is the life of a ball card dealer with a stomach virus!

However, I do have the best wife in the world (okay, some may want to argue so we will call it a multi-way tie), and she picked me up some goodies at our local Target. I always enjoy ripping some specialty… Continue

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