A quick box break of 2012 Topps Series 1 "Cereal" box from Target

Being laid up with the flu and feeling disgusting has not left me much time for enjoying the new season of Topps flagship product. In fact, our shop sold out of Jumbo boxes before I ever got to rip through one! Ah well, such is the life of a ball card dealer with a stomach virus!

However, I do have the best wife in the world (okay, some may want to argue so we will call it a multi-way tie), and she picked me up some goodies at our local Target. I always enjoy ripping some specialty retail product to see what the continuity cards for the chain look like or the special colored refractors only available at that store. What she got for me was a “hanging” box that, I suppose, is this season’s version of the “cereal boxes” of the last few years. Of course, the box was twice as large as the brick of cards inside, but that is standard for retail product.

These paragraphs are already more than I have done in a few days, and so I will get to it. Here is what one of the $9.99 Target boxes of 2012 Topps Series 1 yielded:
- 62 base cards (of which 7 were rookies, including a Betances)
- 1987 Style mini of Tommy Hanson
- an all over gold foil card (don’t know what they are calling those yet) of Hunter Pence
- a Gold Futures card of Dustin Ackley
- a Gold Standard card of Paul Molitor
- a Golden Greats card of Nolan Ryan
- a Timeless Talents card of John Smoltz/Craig Kimbrel
- a Golden Moments autograph of Trevor Cahill
and a code card.

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