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The Evolution of Baseball Cards

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Game worn Alcindor jersey, goggles, Oscar jersey expected to fetch $150,000+

A remarkable, and valuable, trio of basketball artifacts – Lew Alcindor’s 1969-1971 game worn Milwaukee Bucks jersey (his last before becoming Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), Oscar Robertson’s 1970-’71 NBA Championship Season game worn Milwaukee Bucks jersey and…


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Find the Most Watched Sports Collectibles on eBay via Sports Collectors Daily

Sports Collectors Daily has added a new feature that enables readers to see what sports cards and memorabilia are grabbing the most attention from bidders on eBay.


The new page, available through the “What's Hot on eBay” link on, enables visitors to see a live feed of the most watched items on…


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Five Football Rookie Cards Poised for Growth

Every so often, a player comes around that just shatters everyone's expectations. The personal attributes of each superstar may vary, but it takes more than natural ability to rise to stardom in a league as competitive as the NFL. Adrian Peterson is one of those players. Calvin Johnson is another one.

While they still need a few more years to prove to be one of the all-time greats,…


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Graded football cards are focus of new website

Just in time for the start of the NFL playoffs, a new website has arrived, focusing on some of the greatest pro football players of all-time and their top trading cards. offers articles on more than 20 of the most important football cards of all time, articles that provide tips and tactics for investing in high grade,…


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Mike Trout Autographed Cards: What's Hot

by Mike Fruitman

In a year that was seemingly destined to belong to 19 year old hype machine Bryce Harper, Mike Trout has not so quietly emerged as the current go to guy for collectors.  The Angels outfielder has impressed many by making the All-Star game as a rookie as well as providing ESPN with loads of top 10 highlight reel material. …


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Are You Going to the National Sports Collectors Convention?

It's been more than 30 years since the first National Sports Collectors Convention was held in Anaheim, CA.  The event is still going strong, although it's really more of a giant card show these days.  Gone are the days of seminars, outings and other events the organizers used to put together.

This year's show is back in Baltimore, where it set up for the first time…


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1970 Topps Baseball Packs, Set Are Focus of New eBook

Sports Collectors Daily and The Unopened Pack Guy announce the launch of a new e-book that will have collectors and fans with some fresh summer reading material.  This is the book that will help you remember why you collect baseball cards… or what your collection is missing. …


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Chronology of Sports Collecting Publications

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2012 Topps Baseball Factory Sets Preview

by Chris Harris

Topps doesn’t produce dozens of different versions of their annual factory set, it only seems that way.  Each of the last two years, Topps has made seven different factory sets, with different runs for Hobby, retail, and regional outlets –and each with their own exclusive pack of inserts. 

The first wave of 2012 Topps Baseball…


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Strasburg Rookie Cards: Boom or Bust?

Stephen Strasburg was destined for greatness. He was the number one over all pick in the Major League Baseball draft in 2009, and given a then record $15 million dollar contract by the Washington Nationals. Strasburg's every move was reported on by ESPN, and sports card collectors were salivating at the chance to buy…


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Autographed Baseball Collecting Site Offers Tips for Spring Training

Signed baseballs are still among the most collectable items for fans. With spring training now underway, many collectors are camped out in Florida and Arizona training camps.   Collecting autographed baseballs sounds simple enough, but it can be far more rewarding with a little bit of knowledge. A website is offering a fresh series of articles that will help arm collectors of most any level with the knowledge they need to start, improve or…


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NFL Experience exposes the masses to collecting

Collectors and dealers often talk about 'the hobby'.  While it's a convenient and distinguishable name among those who are in the industry, to outsiders it doesn't mean much.  We sometimes forget there is a huge audience of sports fans out there who think this stuff is pretty cool.  They'd like to collect, but aren't sure how.  That's why events like the NFL Experience are so important.…


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The Baseball Card Sky is Not Falling

This week's Sports Illustrated magazine has a feature on the sports card industry, but unfortunately it is kind of a microcosm of the zillions of newspaper articles that have appeared in the last few years. It focuses mainly on the "decline of the baseball card industry".

Here's the deal. Most of the writers 20 or 30-something. Many collected cards as kids in the late 1980s and early 90s. Now they're adults, rediscovering the collection they left at their parents' house. They dig… Continue

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Social Media Revolution

As someone who makes his living in journalism, it's been tough to see so many local daily newspapers either stop publishing, lay off workers or go all online. It happens almost every day now. There's a danger that one of the most important roles of the media is being severely weakened. The media is supposed to act as a watchdog--asking important questions of powerful people, covering tough issues and offering the opportunity for readers to make their voices known as well.

The decline… Continue

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Peck & Snyder Card Lands Lucky Couple Spot on Leno

The story about the 1869 Peck & Snyder Cincinnati Red Stockings card found amid boxes and boxes of miscellaneous stuff inside a Fresno, CA antique shop has grown legs.

It first appeared in the Fresno Bee. Sports Collectors Daily grabbed on and linked to it...then it hit Yahoo this week and now, Al & Bernice Gallego are famous. They're going to be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Martha Stewart has called and there were 142… Continue

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Underrated Sports Collectibles

If I had bought nothing but 1950s and earlier baseball cards in high grade when I first started going to card shows back in the late-1970s I would probably not have a lot of money worries. The growth in this part of the industry has been nothing short of phenomenal. Who could have predicted grading companies, huge national sports memorabilia auctions conducted over the internet and, well, eBay?

But I didn't do that. I bought some 50s cards. Some 60s stuff. I've now got sets back to… Continue

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Helping Less Fortunate Kids Enjoy the Hobby

I just wanted to draw your attention to this current post within the Editor's Blog on the Sports Collectors Daily main site. Not only do I offer a recommendation for the 2009 Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards which I just bought last night, but I want to encourage everyone to participate in something that's easy, will help the long-term future of the hobby and make you and your gift… Continue

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